Tornado Damage Still Being Addressed at City Hall

It’s been four years since the tornado hit Revere on July 28, 2014, yet damage to the City Hall roof still has to be repaired according to George Anzuoni, head of the Tornado Damage Committee that still meets on a regular basis.

In a meeting that was held last week, the committee discussed roof repairs for city hall and other damage. “We need to inspect the roof,” said Kevin Buckley, of KBA Architects. “So far the inspection has been done with binoculars from the street.”

The total cost of the roof repair is $1.246 million, $280,000 under budget. Work to the roof by Gibson Roofing, will also include repairs to the cupola for $42,000 and cornice costing less than what was estimated. The clock on the cupola is also included in the work. The roof will be covered with an asphalt fiberglass shingle with a lifetime warranty.

Anzuoni said this was the 51st meeting of the committee, which has navigated repairs and funding for public buildings damaged by the storm.

“Approvals have been slow to come,” Anzuoni said, adding the city hall is on the National Historic Register and the Massachusetts Historical Commission.

The tornado that struck Revere was rated as an EF-2 intensity, with estimated peak winds of 100-120 mph.  The survey says the storm carved a 2-mile path and was as wide as 3/8 of a mile.

Anzuoni said they should be able to go to bid with this project in September with six to seven weeks of work to do. Part of the work will include haz-mat testing of the bird waste in the cupola.

In other action, the committee approved four invoices allowing that the roofer would be able to get a better look at the damage and the areas of the roof that have leaked and caused further damage on the second floor of city hall.

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