Council Votes to Accept New Billboard Ordinance

Everett Mayor Carlo DeMaria and the owner of a Honey Dew Donut Shop on Squire Road were hoping the Revere City Council would amend the new billboard ordinance to allow electronic billboards in the Squire Road area.

Ward 6 Councillor Charles Patch said he couldn’t see amending the ordinance since six months of work went into it and DeMaria just came forward a couple of weeks ago.

DeMaria has one billboard on his property and was hoping to convert it to a digital billboard.

Councillor Dan Rizzo said he would love to see more billboards come down in the city.

“While I respect the mayor of the City of Everett. I support the ordinance as is,” Rizzo said.

“I have the highest regard for the mayor of Everett,” said Ward 3 Councillor Arthur Guinasso. “But bear in mind the work the Beautification Committee did and came to us with a fair ordinance.”

DeMaria said he appreciated everyone’s time and said he wasn’t looking for any special treatment.

“I think the ordinance is great and should be passed,” he said.

The ordinance will only allow digital billboards in the TED district on Lee Burbank Highway. There are currently over 90 billboards in Revere.

The council voted to adopt the ordinance as presented.

The ordinance is a collaboration of the Revere Beautification Committee, city planner Frank Stringi, City Solicitor Paul Capezzi, Carol Haney and Ron Champaux. The late Councillor Bob Haas was a strong proponent of the ordinance.

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