ConCom Approves 119 Bus Turnaround

The Conservation Commission has approved a notice of intent for a bus turnaround for the 119 bus serving Beachmont and the Tomisello Drive area.

Mike Borowsky of HYM Investments and Ward 1 Councillor Joanne McKenna have been working on getting this turnaround for some time.

“This is a proposed bus stop on Tomisello Drive that came to us from the ward councillor,” Borowsky said.

The stop allows for shoppers at stores such as Target and Stop and Shop to pick up a bus right there instead of having to walk along Winthrop Avenue to the bus stop or the Blue Line station.

“We see this as a benefit to the community,” Borowsky said. Added improvements will include widening the sidewalk and two ADA ramps.

He noted that HYM will work with the MBTA on the construction specs and if all goes according to plan, the turnaround could be open this summer.

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