Fund Established for RHS Class of 2014 Athlete and Scholar Lauren Hayes’ Recovery

Last week while on spring break vacation out of the country Lauren was in a boating accident due to negligence of the boat crew, ultimately resulting in a serious skull fracture. Lauren was admitted to Hospital Galenia in Cancun where she was in the ICU receiving treatment. Fortunately, two of Lauren’s best friends were at the hospital the entire time and her father flew in within 24 hours to also be by her side.

Lauren Hayes.

As you can imagine, the medical bills and accomodation expenses are piling up everyday and the policies at Mexican hospitals require bills to be paid upfront.

It is heartbreaking to all of Lauren’s family and friends who know her as a driven young woman that is two months short of finishing her college career, graduating with a dual-degree in marketing and communication. Any little bit will help Lauren receive the medical treatment she needs and allow her to return home as safely and as soon as possible.

As of press time, Lauren was finally cleared to fly and was currently on a medical flight heading to Beth Israel Hospital where she will continue to be treated.

When a family endures an event of this severity medical bills should be the least of their worries and thanks to all of your donations thus far, we are on our way to easing that burden. Words cannot describe the impact that you all have had and will continue to have in the days and weeks to come. Those close to Lauren are overwhelmed with the outpouring amount of love and support received since the launch of this campaign.

If you wish to donate, please visit  Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

Donations by check can also be sent to Lauren Hayes, 170 Sargeant St., Revere, MA 02151, or dropped off at the Revere Journal office, 385 Broadway, Citizens Bank building Suite 105. Care of Lauren Hayes

On behalf of Lauren’s friends and family, we thank you for the support.

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