Incumbents Cruise to Victory in Election:Rizzo Tops Council Race; Giannino, Morabito, Rotondo, and Zambuto Returned

By Cary Shuman

Dan Rizzo tops the ticket.

Former Revere mayor Dan Rizzo made a triumphant return to electoral politics, topping the ticket in a field of 12 candidates in the councillor-at-large election Tuesday.

Rizzo showed strength across the city in receiving 3,878 votes, edging Councillor-at-Large Jessica Giannino, who finished second with 3,767 votes. Giannino had taken the top spot in the last two councillor-at-large elections in 2013 and 2015.

Councillor-at-Large Steven Morabito was re-elected to the Council with 3,103 votes. Councillors-at-Large George Rotondo (2,797) and Anthony Zambuto (2,737) were also re-elected to the Council.

Former councillor-at-large John Correggio was sixth with 1,459 votes, followed by Dimple Rana (1,381) Wayne Rose (1,324), Michael Zaccaria (1,302), David Ramos (726), Nicholas Moulaison (533), and Todd Braid (441).

Rizzo’s first-place finished reaffirmed his popularity among all sectors of the city and showed that voters appreciated his hard work as  mayor and councillor-at-large and that his message resonated with the electorate. Rizzo had lost a close election to Brian Arrigo in the 2015 mayoral election and finished a strong second to Joseph Boncore in the State Senate election in 2016.

Rizzo, his campaign committee, and his supporters celebrated their victory at D’Amelio’s Off The Boat Restaurant in Revere.

“It feels good to win and be back involved again,” said Rizzo. “My committee and I feel it’s a reaffirmation of the work that we’ve done – not just over the last few months of the campaign – but what we’ve done over the last 16-18 years, that is to provide some solid guidance and leadership in the city.”

Rizzo said his goal as a public official during his distinguished career has always been “to do the best job we can to make Revere the best city we can.”

Rizzo had topped the ticket in previous councillor-at-large elections prior to his successful bid for the corner office in 2011. He carried Revere in the senatorial election.

“It does feel good to know that people still see the value in what I can provide the city and my goal is what I said in my campaign literature: to do what I can to help the City Council, to do what I can to help the mayor’s office, and at the end of the day, do what I can to help the City of Revere.”

In a nice gesture, Rizzo paid tribute to the late mayor and councillor-at-large Robert Haas, who died in July.

“Bob Haas is a former mayor and I was blessed to have a chance to serve in the same shoes he did,” said Rizzo. “His service to the city can never be underestimated. He gave his heart and soul to this community for a long time. It was tragic loss to this city. But he left a positive thumbprint that will last forever. His family and his supporters should be very proud of that.”

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