Continued Committment to Revere’s Infrastructure Needs

By Mayor Brian Arrigo

Earlier this month, I invested $200,000 of the city’s free cash into sidewalk repairs, as part of my commitment to addressing Revere’s significant infrastructure needs.

When I took office, the City had a backlog of over two years’ worth of sidewalk repair requests submitted via SeeClickFix or calls to the DPW.

To address this, I asked the engineering department to conduct an analysis of all these requests. All that were feasible to repair this spring were combined into a project that will be carried out in the coming weeks. The full analysis is posted at

Over the past two weeks, this work got underway.

The following sidewalk repairs either have already been completed or will be in the next two weeks. The analysis numbers correspond to the engineering report available on the city’s website. Please note that if additional repairs are required in the immediate vicinity of the SeeClickFix work order, they will be completed as well.

Repairs Completed as of May 15:


Rumney Road

Gage Ave.

South Ave. & Malden St.

Ensign St.

Graves Rd.

Aurelia Sylvia Dr

Amasa St.

Scheduled to be completed the week of May 15:


Charger St.

Mountain Ave.

Washington Ave.

Reservoir Ave.

Vane St.

Fenno St.

Tree removal and sidewalk repair work scheduled to begin May 22:


Winthrop Ave.

Mill St.

Once the trees are removed, the stumps will need to be removed afterward. Once stumps are removed, the sidewalk panel will be repaired.

Additional sidewalk repairs will be scheduled beginning on June 5.

Sidewalk spot repairs will temporarily stop for two weeks on Friday, May 19 so the crew can be assigned to prep for road repaving. After this prep work is complete, the crew will be returned to sidewalk repairs. Once the remaining sidewalk repairs are scheduled, they will be posted at and in the newspaper.

This sidewalk work is being carried out in conjunction with other roadwork around the city funded in the FY 2017 budget, including repavement of Arlington Ave., Glendale St., and Woodland Rd., along with the ongoing state-funded Broadway revitalization project.

More street and sidewalk work will take place later this year as part of the annual Chapter 90 program, once the FY 2018 budget is in place. This work will be aided by StreetScan, the cutting-edge software we are using to evaluate the condition of all streets and sidewalks in the city.

Repairing Revere’s long-neglected infrastructure will take time, but we are committed to prioritizing this vital work and tackling our backlog in the years to come

Brian Arrigo is Mayor of Revere..


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