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Commercial vehicle crackdown unfair

To the Editor,

Many of you may not realize that the City of Revere is currently conducting a crackdown on overtime parking for commercial vehicles.  I have been a resident of Endicott Avenue for the past 23 years and have been parking my Ford F 350 pickup truck in front of my house for the last nine of those years.  Obviously, I do not have a driveway.  In the past two months, I have been issued parking tickets 5 times.  I have commercial plates on the truck only because my insurance company says I have to, since I have a snowplow that I put on only when there is snow in the forecast.  Remember, this is a pickup truck.  According, to the city you could park an F150 or an F 250 on the street, but not an F 350, because of the weight they say.   But, these trucks are all the same size, use the same engines etc.  The only difference is heavier duty suspension.  I pay my property taxes, excise taxes, yet I can’t park overnight in front of my house.  Does not seem fair to me.

I am a self-employed handyman who works all day, but can’t come home and park my truck in front of my house.  Because, it has heavier duty suspension??  It takes up the same space as any other pickup truck.  None of my neighbors have complained to me, as a matter of fact, they are grateful after a snowstorm and all the city trucks are gone, I am there to clean up for them.  City laws and ordinances are supposed to be good for the citizens.  How is this good?

I am sure I am not alone in this situation.  Anyone running a small business from their homes may be having the same problem.  There were a few at the hearing for my tickets.

If any of you reading this think it is as unfair and discriminatory as I do, please contact your councillor and urge them to work to find a fair and equitable solution to this problem.

Vinny Massone

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