Police Briefs 04-19-2017


Revere Police are investigating an armed robbery of the Wonderland Convenient Market on North Shore Road Sunday, April 16.

The clerk told police that around 9:21 p.m., a white male in a hoodie entered the store and began to shop.

At some point, he approached the clerk with a knife drawn and demanded money.

The clerk complied and the man left the knife on scene and fled.

Police are following several different leads in the case.



A Lynn man was arrested Saturday afternoon after a high speed chase led Revere Police to Lynn.

Around 5:22 p.m., police observed the man riding a motorcycle on the Boulevard at a high rate of speed and passing cars on the right. Police initiated a stop, but the man continued accelerating to Oak Island Street and headed north on Rt. 1A. He appeared to stop before the bridge, but then sped up again and passed over into Lynn – where he fell off the bike and got back on. Once on, he continued to ride erratically and try to elude police.

Lynn Police moved in to help and the man fell off the bike again.

On the second fall, he was apprehended by Revere and Lynn Police.

Jose Munoz-Gomez, 25, of Lynn, was charged with operating a motor vehicle to endanger, operating a motor vehicle without a license, unregistered motor vehicle and two counts of failure to stop for a police officer.



A Lynn woman was cited for knocking over a motorcycle at Brown Circle on Thursday, April 13.

Revere Police responded and found a man riding a motor cycle who was injured in the area of Broadway and Malden Street. He told police that he had been involved in an accident after a road rage incident where he was knocked over at Brown Circle.

Apparently, two car operators were upset with one another at the circle, and in the course of that situation, the Lynn woman bumped the motorcyclist and knocked him off the bike.

As police spoke with the man, the woman appeared on the scene and admitted to officers she had bumped the bike with her car.

Officers cited her on the scene and the motorcyclist was taken to CHA Everett Hospital to treat road rash injuries.

Tamara Ortiz, 29, of Lynn, was summonsed for unlicensed operation and operating recklessly to endanger.



Revere Police are trying to get to the bottom of an alleged armed robbery by an Uber driver on April 11, but police are concerned that the victim’s story isn’t lining up.

Around 3 a.m. on April 11, police were called to Overlook Ridge for a man who reported an armed robbery.

He told police he had called for an Uber and a car responded.

Once inside the vehicle, he felt the woman driving had a firearm and wanted to rob him of his money.

However, police said the story isn’t lining up, but they believe something happened.

They are investigating the matter further.



A Highland Street man has been summonsed by Revere Police when he was observed operating a scooter on Centennial Avenue with a 5-year-old child on his lap.

Around 8:30 a.m. on Weds., April 12, officers observed the man pull up to the intersection of Centennial Avenue and Waverly Street. They saw he was driving the scooter with the unsecured child on his lap. Out of safety, he was stopped.

He had no license to operate the scooter.

Jose Portillo, 36, of 11-13 Highland St., was summonsed for unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle and transporting a child under 5 without a car seat.



Deborah T. Michel, 22, of Malden, was arrested on charges of operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of liquor, negligent operation of a motor vehicle, and wanton destruction of property over $250.

Peng Sun, 26, of 11 Overlook Ridge, was arrested on a charge of assault & battery in a domestic situation.



Dimitri Duvinard, 23, of 156 Salem St., was arrested on an outstanding warrant.

Steven A. DiNublia, 37, of 25 Calumet St., was arrested on charges of assault & battery in a domestic situation and assault by means of a dangerous weapon.

Thomas M. Lanzilli, 36, of East Boston, was arrested on a charge of shoplifting (2nd offense).

Lisa Rossetti, 47, of 36 Roosevelt St., was arrested on an outstanding warrant.



Jose Portillo, 36, of 11-13 Highland St., was issued a summons for a charge of unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle. He also was cited for the civil motor vehicle infraction of not having a car seat for a child under the age of five years old.

Johnnie E. Martin, 18, of Brockton, was arrested on charges of shoplifting, illegal possession of burglarious tools, and malicious destruction of property under $250.



A 15 year old juvenile was arrested on a charge of disturbing a school assembly.

Denner Araujo, 27, of 454 Park Ave., was issued a summons for a charge of violating a restraining order.

Anthony J. Ciappina, 48, of 7 Jefferson Drive, was arrested on charges of assault & battery in a  domestic situation and malicious destruction of property under $250.

Tamara P. Ortiz, 29, of Lynn, was issued a summons for charges of unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle and reckless operation of a motor vehicle.

John R. Fountaine, 26, of 198 Harris St., was arrested on a charge of assault & battery in a domestic situation.



Louis M. Guido, 54, of 176 Broadway, was arrested on an outstanding warrant.


Car breakers hit church during Mass, funeral home parking lots during service

By Seth Daniel

Apparently there is no code of ethics among criminals these days.

In a new low for crime in the city, Revere Police reported that a number of car breaks took place at St. Anthony’s Church on Saturday night, April 15, during the long Easter vigil Mass. Additionally, two other breaks occurred early in the week at funeral homes while people were attending funerals.

On Saturday night, after 9 p.m., at least three parishioners from St. Anthony’s Church informed police that their vehicles had been burglarized while they were in church during the Easter Vigil Mass.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday, April 12, cars were broken into at Vertuccio’s Funeral Home and Buonfiglio’s Funeral Home. Victims told police they were at funerals in the establishments, and came out to find their vehicles broken into.

Police are investigating the incidents, and thought they have tried to link them, Police Lt. Amy O’Hara said there is not link yet.

“It would seem they are linked because there are a lot of common denominators, but really right now there’s nothing to point to the fact these same person is responsible in both places,” she said.

However, O’Hara did say the public can help in preventing such burglaries by doing taking some common sense steps.

“This is the type of crime that happens not just in Revere, but also in surrounding cities and around the country,” she said. “These are preventable crimes. It’s an opportunity crime. They see valuables and smash and grab. If they don’t see valuables, the crime doesn’t happen…I can’t stress enough that people not leave valuables in their car and that they lock their car doors.”

O’Hara also advised people to clean their vehicles of clutter, and to store anything of value in the trunk.

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