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Ramp to close

On Tuesday, April 18 beginning at 8 p.m. the ramp from Route 1 South signed to Lynn Street-Saugus will be closed until Monday, May 15 at 5 a.m. Drivers are urged to seek alternative routes.


Senior Discount Program For Water and Sewer Bills AVAILABLE

Mayor Brian Arrigo has announced that the Senior Discount program is now available for senior citizens to apply for a discount of up to 20 percent to their water and sewer bills.

Seniors may download the discount form from or come to the Water & Sewer Department office at Revere City Hall to apply.

In addition, Mayor Arrigo will host an open house for seniors to speak with a staff member and fill out the form in-person on Thursday, April 20, from 4-6 PM. The event will be held in the City Council Chamber, and light refreshments will be served. Seniors will have the opportunity to speak with a member of either the Water and Sewer billing department or a member of the Mayor’s staff. Light refreshments will be served.


Rizzo fined by OCPF

The Office of Campaign Finance (OCPF) has fined the campaign committee of former Mayor Dan Rizzo for excess contributions during 2015.

The committee has paid $4,500 to the Commonwealth to resolve the matter. The OCPF has determined that no further review or action is warranted in this case.

After a review of the financial activity of the committee, the OCPF determined to committee did not comply with the contribution limits and disclosure requirements of the Massachusetts Campaign Finance Law.

One of the laws is that no one individual may contribute no more than a total of $1,000 during a calendar year to a candidate or candidate’s committee. Any overage has to be returned. During 2015 the committee received, but did not return, a total of $4,050 in excess contributions from 10 people.

Another law is that lobbyists are limited to how much they can contribute in a calendar year. The total amount a lobbyist can give is $200. One lobbyist gave the committee $500 during 2015 and the committee did not return the excess amount.

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