Good Job,Mayor Arrigo,City Councillors

When running a business, there are always two types of expenditures – fixed costs and variable costs.  The fixed costs are just that — they can never be eliminated.

In a recent story, it was noted that Mayor Brian Arrigo and City Councillors took the action to lessen one of the City of Revere’s fixed cost, and thus the cost of electricity to the taxpayers of Revere just went down.

Both branches of city government are to be congratulated for seeing an opportunity and taking advantage of savings to the tune of $5.3M over the next 20 years, a savings that represents a step in the right direction.

Running a city the size of Revere has never been easy. In recent years, it has grown more difficult to prepare a budget as Revere, like all the other cities and towns in Massachusetts, is heavily dependent upon state and federal aid. The amount of this aid fluctuates widely each year.

There have been times when programs were started in one year, but forced to be eliminated in the next due to cutbacks in local aid. The elected officials are always the last to know how much aid the city will receive in any fiscal year.

That is why this savings is a step in the right direction and shows how hard our elected officials are looking at saving every dollar of taxpayer money.

As we know, everyone uses electricity; as a matter of fact it is something that no one can live without.

Today, the cost of electricity for the taxpayers will be less and this means more money is available to spend on our parks, schools, police, and firefighters without the need for the fickle state and federal aid.

A saying that we learned from our grandmother goes as follows, “It takes 100 pennies to make a dollar.  Watch the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves.”

Our officials have done just this and taxpayers can rest easy knowing that wherever money can be saved — it will be.

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