Revere Residents Canvass Neighborhoods for Sanders

By Katy Rogers

Everett Councillor Anthony DiPierro joined forces with Revere resident Matthew Amato on the campaign trail for Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders over the weekend.

The local young people were part of a nationwide trend in the Democratic Primary where local officials and local activists are sought after by both candidates to work a grass roots, ground game that has become part of this year’s election efforts.

According to national reports, there are five field offices for Sanders – including the Charlestown office nearby in Sullivan Square. There are six state offices for Candidate Hillary Clinton.

Clinton boasts a state leadership Council of 192 leaders, while Sanders’s camp boasts they have ‘team captains’ in most every Massachusetts city and town – including their state political coordinator Joe Caiazzo, who worked closely on Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s campaigns.

DiPierro and Amato reached out online to gather a group of Sanders supporters from the area to canvass with them, knocking on doors in Everett and Revere neighborhoods, and providing information regarding the Presidential Candidate to citizens who are believed to most likely vote Democratic in the upcoming primary.

DiPierro, who recently became one of Everett’s newest councillors, expressed that his interest in Sanders was initiated from Sanders’ years of experience as Mayor in Burlington, VT before becoming a U.S. Senator, making him more in touch with local level politics and people. “I am supporting Bernie Sanders for president because he is the most committed candidate in the race, and he shares my passion for issues that affect us everyday. As a former mayor, Bernie understands the needs of local government better than anyone in the race,” DiPierro said. “I feel that he is the only one committed to ending income inequality, and fixing the corrupt campaign finance system by taking big money out of politics and reigning in the power of Wall Street.”   The Sanders campaign, which has its closest headquarters located in in Charlestown, adjacent to Sullivan Station, was excited to have DiPierro on board as a local elected official because it coincides with their grassroots approach, which involves getting people involved on a local level.

“The campaign is excited to see so much enthusiasm and we’re happy to have the support of Councilor Anthony DiPierro in the City of Everett,” Political Director Joe Caiazzo said.

Everett Resident Robert Goulding was amongst several local residents joining DiPierro to knock on doors over the weekend. His support for Sanders also stems from local interests, making a point that one of the reasons he believes Everett residents in particular should favor Sanders is because of Clinton’s close ties to Monsanto, the controversial chemical company that once called Everett home.

“I just cannot get past the Monsanto connection, considering all the work we did in Everett to get it remediated,” he said.

As the Primary Election quickly approaches and the race tightens leading up to March 1, supporters will continue to work around the clock to spread the word and increase visibility within the coming days. With momentum from the big win in neighboring New Hampshire, volunteers hope for similar results in Massachusetts on Super Tuesday.

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