Pearl Ave Gets Flooded; Worse Since ’78

Tina Lanzarone is 92 years old and has seen it all.

But she said she hasn’t seen flooding on Pearl Avenue like she saw Tuesday since the Blizzard of `78.

“I had water coming up my driveway and it was flooding Pearl Avenue this morning,” she said on Tuesday. “My son was putting sand bags all around the back so the water wouldn’t go in my cellar. This is really bad.”

Lanzarone said she has lived at her Pearl Avenue home on the backside of Beachmont for 49 years, but hadn’t seen flooding from the Belle Isle Marsh like this since 1978.

“It’s been worse,” she said. “The Blizzard of `78 was much worse, but that’s about it.”

Water from the Marsh rose up on the Beachmont and Winthrop sides Tuesday as high tidal action from the off shore storm raised water levels extremely high.

Lanzarone said the problem is nothing new, but she believes it’s getting worse.

“This has been going on a long time, but now I’m getting worried,” she said. “I told my neighbor, ‘Hey Joey, you have the boat ready and let’s get outta here!”

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