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Thanks donors to event

Dear Editor:

The Revere League of Special Needs recently held their annual cookout at the headquarters on Winthrop Ave in Revere. Al Terminiello Jr. continued as he has in the past to organize and cook for this event. Thanks to Al and his committee as well as volunteers from the league, 85 clients and members had a great time and plenty to eat. Special thanks to New Deal Produce, Bianco Meats, and Kelly’s Roast Beef and Seafood of Saugus, for their generosity to our clients every year. DJ Alan LaBella was there to bring the entertainment for the clients.

This annual event means a lot to the clients and their families. Our clients count on the many special events the league provides for them and thanks to the efforts of everyone involved, we the Revere League of Special Needs have continued to provide for our clients over the many years we have been in Revere.

Thank you all that support our cause over the years and again thanks to Al Terminiello Jr. for hosting this event every year. We hope to see everyone at our annual “all souls mass” in November, here at the league headquarters. Details to be announced.

Mary Albuzitian (President)


Commenting on the mayoralty race

Dear Editor:

The best way to predict the future is to look at past history. With an mayoral election in full swing this year, we have a lot of campaign rhetoric to wade through to make a decision to whom to vote for. This campaign has been a very negative one with both campaigns trying to woo voters with promises and accusations. Brian Arrigo’s campaign has charged Mayor Rizzo with not managing the city’s budget properly and he would be a better manager, so much so he could give home owners a 10 percent reduction on their property taxes. The following facts that I have found out don’t seem to back up his claims though. The mayor has campaigned on the fact that the city’s rainy day fund has doubled since he took office. One call to the city treasurers office confirmed this is true. Another claim is that the city’s payroll has ballooned under Mayor Rizzo. The mayor claims the city’s payroll has increased due to the 18 extra police officers now added and the nearly 10 firefighters also now on the city payroll due to the end of a federal grant. Again, I called both departments and the Mayor is right. Mayor Rizzo campaigned on making the city safer and more fiscally sound and in my opinion it seems like those have been campaign promises he kept.

Nick Moulaison Sr


Thanks donors to event

Dear Editor:

The Jack Satter House Tenant’s Assoc. wishes to thank all that Donated to make their 2015 Fashion Show a great success.

Clothing from Chico’s Northshore Mall Peabody and Men’s Warehouse, Saugus.

Kelly Greens Golf

The Tides Restaurant

Sheraton Four Pointes

Target, Revere

DeMaino’s Restaurant

The Wharf Restaurant,


Hair Studio by Joanna

Clickers Salon by Donna

Headquarters Salon

Skin For All Seasons

Michael Kairo’s Hair Salon

Beachmont Roast Beef

Luigi’s Pizzeria and Restaurant

Billy Tse Restaurant

Figaro’s Restaurant

Bisuteki Restaurant

Green Tea Restaurant

Nick’s Restaurant

Shear Delight Salon

Showcase Cinemas, Revere

Lucky Nails, Revere

Kinship Flowers, Revere

Charlie’s Dry Cleaners

Elaine Manzi

Laura Kanter/Paul Kanter

Arlene Rosen

Rep. Rose Lee Vincent

Mayor, Dan Rizzo

Brian Arrigo

Anthony Zambuto

Bob Haas

John Powers

Steve Reardon

Ira Novoselky

Joanne McKenna

Arthur Guinasso

John Correggio

Matthew Amato

Steven Morabito

Michael Falzone

Carol Tye

Stacey Rizzo

Susan Gravellese

Donna Wood Pruitt

Michael Ferrante

Priscilla Nickerson

Dan Maguire

Al Terminiello

Stephen Fielding

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