Consider Attending the Public Hearing On Building Moratorium

We encourage Revere residents to attend the Oct. 26 public hearing on a proposed moratorium on all large-scale residential apartments for a period of two years.

As noted in our front-page story on the issue, currently there are four apartment building projects going on in Revere.

Some schools in the city, including the newer buildings, have become overcrowded in many instances. Many attribute that situation to an influx of people with school-age children who want to live in Revere, recognizing the overall excellence of the school system.

The addition of new apartment buildings would likely result in increased enrollment in schools where teacher-to-student ratios in classrooms are not at the ideal number that educators recommend.

There are many components to this issue of new apartment building construction such as enlarging the tax base but offsetting this are additional costs for city services like police and fire.   We ask that Revere residents examine the pros and cons and make their opinions heard at the public hearing.

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