Arrigo Pulls Papers:Will Run for Mayor

Councillor At-Large Brian Arrigo officially pulled nomination papers on Monday morning to be a candidate for the Mayor of Revere.

“I have truly enjoyed serving as City Councillor on the Revere City Council since 2012, being an outspoken advocate for the best interests of the taxpayers and ratepayers of Revere, asking the difficult questions, and voting my conscience,” said Arrigo. “It has become increasingly clear, however, that the City will not achieve its full potential without a change of leadership. I will bring to the Mayor’s Office extensive budgetary experience, a tireless work ethic, and a pledge to spark an era of economic recovery, cultural vibrancy and fiscal stability.

I am very excited to begin this campaign for Mayor of Revere, a city that means so much to me and my entire family,” he continued. “The people of Revere have trusted me with their votes citywide these last two elections, and I look forward to having a candid and honest conversation with residents over these next five months and earning their vote for Mayor.”

Arrigo and his family have a long history of community engagement in the City of Revere. Arrigo’s father, John, is a former Ward 5 City Councillor and a former president of the Paul Revere PTA. His mother, Paula, retired from the Revere Housing Authority after serving 15 years as a kitchen coordinator. Arrigo has served as a Councillor At-Large on the Revere City Council for the last four years.

“I was born and raised in Revere,” he said. “Revere is more than just my hometown. Revere is where I was educated, where I have had the pleasure to serve as a City Councillor, and where I will raise my family.”

Arrigo, a graduate of Suffolk

(Left to right) Arrigo’s mother, Paula Arrigo, Mayoral candidate Brian Arrigo, his wife, Daveen Arrigo, and his father, John Arrigo.

(Left to right) Arrigo’s mother, Paula Arrigo, Mayoral candidate
Brian Arrigo, his wife, Daveen Arrigo, and his father, John Arrigo.

University, has a decade of experience working with various state and local governments. As a City Councillor the last four years, Arrigo has been an independent voice who has consistently focused on doing what is in the best interest of the city. While campaigning in 2011, Brian met his wife Daveen Balliro, a former school nurse at the Garfield School. Brian and Daveen got married in October 2014 and are expecting their first child, Joseph, on November 3, 2015 – Election Day.

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