School Bells Ring for McKinley Students; Rest of Revere Public Schools Open Mon.


Fifth grader Alvaro Ronquillo (right) tries out his locker at the McKinley School this week as students get acclimated to a new school year. The McKinley School started classes on Monday-one week earlier than the rest of the district-and was the last first day of the school for the 110-year old McKinley. It will be replaced next school year by the Hill School one block away.

Sentimentality runs deep when it comes to the old, creaking floorboards and the eloquent brick façade of the old McKinley School.

But that sentimentality doesn’t lead to tears when the reality sets in of the physical education teacher having an outdoor office and there is only one set of bathrooms (in the basement) and the 110-year-old structure built for 350 students now houses 570.

That’s why on the last first day of the 110 year old McKinley School this Monday – the first day of school for that elementary school (all other Revere schools start on Aug. 25) – there were fond memories, but no tears shed.

The school has served generations of Revere young people, since opening in 1904, but this will be the last year that it will house classrooms. Next August, the brand new Hill School one block away will take its place.

“I’m not devastated,” said Principal Ed Moccia this week in reflecting on the last first day. “It’s sentimental, but I think I’ll get over it the minute I step in the new building next August. It really is amazing we’ve done what we’ve done under these conditions. No one makes excuses and they still achieve excellence. The teachers and the students deserve all the amenities as well…

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