MCAS Looks Great for RPS

Preliminary data from the state MCAS exams could turn out to put yet another bright spotlight on the Revere Public Schools this coming fall.

According to data released at Tuesday’s School Committee meeting, district officials are hoping that they will be able to stake a claim on being a Level 2 District – a designation that is pretty rare within the state’s urban schools.

“We’re hoping that the data would play out in a way that our entire district would move up to a Level 2 district, which would mean that each of our schools is either a Level 2 or Level 1 school,” said Superintendent Paul Dakin. Currently, Revere is at a Level 3, which is where most districts in the state are at.

Level 4 districts are designated to be watched and to qualify for additional resources. Level 5 districts are to be taken over by the state.

“We are excited because this preliminary data does show that we have made continued progress on the testing we did last year,” said Dakin.

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