Powers, Rotondo out; Nowicki Backs Vincent: State Representative Race Primary Is March 4

Two more candidates have dropped out of the state representative race this week, and a former candidate has endorsed candidate RoseLee Vincent.

Paul Nowicki, a long-time community activist and former President of the Chelsea City Council, announced late last week he would endorse Revere’s RoseLee Vincent for state representative in the 16th Suffolk District – a seat formerly held by Kathi-Anne Reinstein.

Nowicki, who previously served for 16 years on the Chelsea City Council, stated he has known and worked with Vincent for close to 20 years and is confident she will do a spectacular job.

Prior to the endorsement, he was considering a run of his own, but dropped out in order to spend more time with his family.

“RoseLee has been a great friend to the communities of Chelsea, Revere and Saugus for many years,” Nowicki said. “She’s a proven leader, her dedication and compassion have made a real difference in the lives of our residents and the progress of our district. No other candidate can match the experience and knowledge RoseLee brings to the table and I’m proud to support her candidacy.”

Said Vincent, “Paul is a true son of Chelsea, I am honored to receive his endorsement and grateful for his support. I look forward to continuing working with great people like Paul who share a commitment to strengthening the communities of our district.”

That leaves Pines resident Linda Rosa – who, like Vincent, is also a State House staff veteran – and Chelsea Attorney Josh Monahan in the race with Vincent.

There was talk of a possible Republican candidate in the race, but that person hasn’t surfaced yet.

Late last week, former Revere City Councillor George Rotondo dropped out of contention, citing family obligations.

“I have two young girls and they will only be young once,” he said. “I have to spend time with my family now and running for this seat, and potentially winning the race, would take away from that priority in my life.”

Revere City Councillor John Powers announced on Tuesday, also, that he would not be a candidate. He said the short campaign window and his recent re-election cemented his decision not to run.

“I’ve had numerous calls from people throughout the district in support of a run and I’m humbled and grateful for that, but I am not going to be a candidate for the seat,” he said Tuesday morning. “To get into a new campaign with such a short window would seriously distract me from my primary obligation of representing the people of Ward 5 in Revere…If I get in a campaign, I want to be out there 24/7 and I couldn’t do both.”

Powers, like several others who dropped out of the race, expressed some measure of frustration at the short campaign schedule and the uphill battle of having to run twice in a six-month period. Most others who considered a run had the same concerns.

“I think the real campaign is going to be in September and this fall,” he said. “I think this campaign is only about who is going to be representing the district until next December. I don’t know why they didn’t just wait.”

The special election calendar for State Representative of the 16th Suffolk District is set with the state primary scheduled for March 4th and the state election taking place on April 1.

Candidates have until Jan. 27 to gather signatures in order to get on the ballot.

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