Police Add More Patrols on Broadway

Revere Police are going to be hitting Broadway in force in the coming weeks, and they are taking prisoners.

Three major violent events took place on Broadway over the past week, including a very serious incident outside of Peter Woo’s Restaurant, as well as a number of other minor calls, and it has been enough for police to redistribute more resources to the central business district.

“In light of some of the events that have happened this week, we are concentrating our efforts and spending some time on Broadway,” said Lt. Amy O’Hara. “Myself and Lt. (John) Goodwin have talked and we’re going to beef up some patrols with plain clothes officers on Broadway. We’re going to have officers in plain clothes identifying people and doing outreach to people. They’re going to be out there this week and anyone acting up is going to be locked up. There will be no tolerance for this on Broadway. We’re taking a zero tolerance policy and everyone’s coming in.”

The breaking point came on Wednesday night, Aug. 7th, in an incident on the sidewalk outside the restaurant at the corner of Broadway and Park Avenue.

Apparently, in the evening hours, a 24-year-old Revere resident was dining and when she went outside to smoke a cigarette, two juvenile girls asked her for some smokes.

When she declined to give them cigarettes, the two girls allegedly jumped on the woman, knocking her to the ground and beating her savagely.

Her injuries were described as very serious and she was transported to the Mass General Hospital. Sources indicated she mainly suffered from head injuries due to being kicked during the attack.

Both juveniles were identified by police the next day, and have been summonsed to Chelsea District Court on numerous charges.

The incident remains under investigation, police said, and the two juveniles are well known to police from previous incidents on Broadway.

That disturbing turn of events came after two stabbings that occurred in the two days prior.

The first outbreak of violence came on Monday, Aug. 5th, around 6 p.m. in front of the Broadway Post Office when a fight erupted between two feuding groups.

Officers arrived on scene at 6:08 p.m. and observed two males fleeing the scene and a victim on the ground. One of the fleeing males was observed to have dropped a knife in the middle of Broadway.

The man was caught and the victim was not seriously injured – refusing medical treatment at the scene.

In that incident, Philip Morris, 18, of 458 Park Ave., was charged with assault and battery, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon (knife) and carrying a dangerous weapon.

The incident was the outcropping, apparently, of a previous incident that had gang overtones.

Then, on Tuesday, Aug. 6th, officers responded to a stabbing in or in front of a barbershop at 280 Broadway around 6:40 p.m.

Officers arrived on the scene – which is directly across from City Hall – to find a man suffering from stab wounds to his fingers, arms and legs. He told officers that he was in front of the barbershop when a red motor vehicle pulled up and asked him for money.

When he refused, he said he was attacked.

Officers said there were some inconsistencies in the story and the event is still under investigation.

Adding them all up – including some not reported here – and it equals too much for police.

“It was a busy week and we took notice and we’re going to be out there on Broadway with an added presence,” said O’Hara.

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