A Terrible Tragedy

The mauling of a 14 year-old boy by guard dogs is a tragedy for our community.

Our prayers go out to the victim who is in the hospital and to his family – the Marchettis.

We hope that our city officials will take the time and do their homework in finding a solution so that this tragedy will not happen again.

The owner of these dogs is above reproach.  He was only safeguarding his business.

The victim loved animals and these dogs seemed docile.

The two dogs have been euthanized.

We know that there is no easy solution.

But we know that the easy solution of banning guard dogs is not the answer.

2 comments for “A Terrible Tragedy

  1. Italod
    March 31, 2013 at 9:26 pm

    While we all of course feel extremely terrible about what happened to the boy, who everyone hopes recovers as best and as quickly as possible, it seems sad at the same time that the dogs were put down for doing their jobs, as if guard dogs now are supposed to be politically correct and not guard anymore. I hope there wasn’t a feeling that if the owner hadn’t had the dogs euthanized, that perhaps he would have potentially been the subject of some type of retribution, in or outside of court.

  2. drensber
    March 31, 2013 at 9:38 pm

    Given Revere’s history, I’d guess that the potential retribution would be of the “outside of court” variety. Given Revere’s ancient as well recent history, one would to surmise that that retribution might come from or be enabled by a member of the police department.

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