Columbus Day Breakfast Draws Huge Throng

This year’s Columbus Day breakfast at the Beachmont VFW was a resounding success in more than several ways.

It was a traditional celebration of the life and times of Christopher Columbus. It was a tip of the hat to Mayor Dan Rizzo for aiding in bringing out such a large crowd and cast of political movers and shakers.

Everyone wanted to be there and everyone was.

About 400 people crowded into the main hall at the VFW and listened attentively to a full slate of political speakers while at the same time enjoying a wonderful breakfast among friends.

The breakfast, in large part, cast a very positive light on the efforts of Mayor Rizzo to resurrect the Annual Columbus Day Parade which will again be held next year. Funds raised at the breakfast Monday will be used to finance the return of the parade.

Speakers included Congressman Ed Markey who was quite funny; House Speaker Robert DeLeo who has also gained the ability to make people laugh; Senator Anthony Petruccelli who told the crowd he loves the event and made people laugh; to Congressman Mike Capuano who said he was pleased to be in a hall where nearly everyone was able to pronounce his last name.

Representative Kathi-Anne Reinstein had some wonderful one-liners and visual aids, like a poster showing Revere shaped as Italy on a map of the area while professing to be talking about local traffic problems.

Also saying a few words were State Treasurer Steve Grossman and State Auditor Suzanne Bump.

In all, the event drew a diverse crowd of people from all walks of life although it was largely a Revere Italian assemblage. It was a day, above all, when Italian residents here got to celebrate their Italian heritage among many friends with a full slate of prominent politicians.

Nearly every member of the elected Revere City Government was there as well as a number of residents, friends and elected public officials from surrounding communities.

It was entirely a positive, fun time that reflected well on the mayor’s efforts to lighten things up but at the same time, brought people together in order to get the business of this city done.

That business is development, progress, forward movement of every kind and a realization that Revere is all about people – more about people than statistics, more about breaking bread with one another than learning about the place on a computer.

The Annual Columbus Day Breakfast at the Beachmont VFW was a great success. It had great positive energy which is exactly what this city – what every city – needs at this point in our national history.

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