Traffic Mitigation

On first blush, the traffic mitigation package unveiled by Suffolk Downs recently is dedicated to two major thrusts – to reduce the McClellan Highway backlog, which will require a major piece of work in East Boston with a flyover at Boardman Street and further mitigation efforts at Bell Circle.

The Suffolk casino developers and owners are presently saying they will ante up $40-$50 million to reduce the 50 year congestion that has existed on the McClellan highway.

In doing so, they will be doing a service to this community that the state cannot afford and frankly which it has shown about a half century of indifference toward.

No one has cared about this traffic and the Bell Circle danger zone until this casino effort has come up.

To note of importance is that this traffic mitigation effort is but the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what the total package of mitigation will be for Revere.

Revere’s host community status provides for much more than traffic mitigation.

Exactly what it provides for will be revealed shortly by the mayor.

We look forward to this especially in the knowledge that there will be no mitigation of anything without a casino at Suffolk Downs.

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  1. June 22, 2012 at 9:46 pm

    Again… $50M is about half the amount that was spent on the parking garage at Wonderland.   To think that that kind of money will provide any real solution to the enormous problems on 1A, 16, and 60 is ludicrous.   

    “there will be no mitigation of anything without a casino at Suffolk Downs”
    Uh… no:   Under the right leadership, Revere’s proximity to the ocean and Boston and MBTA would make for an environment that people and businesses would be happy to move to and spend money to mitigate these things.  Old time Revere residents (and their parents, and their grandparents) should be ashamed of themselves for continually electing people who go for the quick and easy money that comes with casinos, petroleum storage tanks, etc. rather than encouraging the kind of development that is sustainable and won’t be regretted by future generations.

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