More Hotels?: Revere Should Seize on This Room for Growth

In neighboring Chelsea, efforts are now underway to lure a third major hotel to the city.

Revere should be making the same effort to locate another major hotel on Revere Beach as a stand alone for the Ocean Avenue project, which could conceivably gel all around it.

Hotels are great business generators but they will not come here without incentives or without being wooed , wined, dined and made to feel welcome by a city sending out the message that this is the place close to Boston and to the airport to be located in.

The city experienced some success with two hotels locating here longer than a decade ago. A former rooming house was also developed into a successful lodging motel as well.

The tax revenues are fabulous for the city and there are hundreds of employment opportunities that come with the construction of every hotel.

It is the way to go but the effort must be ongoing or it won’t happen.

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