Misguided Intentions: Our Veterans Deserve a Better Stage

A recent effort by a city council candidate to have the city council offer a few moments of silence for our war dead before the beginning of every council meeting has caused some thought about the measure.

The measure itself has been sent to committee and then will be discussed and if reported favorably, will ultimately be voted upon.

There is nothing wrong whatsoever in having the city council honor our veterans who died and even those serving by giving them a few moments of silence before every meeting.

There is nothing wrong with opposing such a measure either – and there are certainly worthy reasons to oppose this particular measure.

First off, a veteran didn’t offer the measure. It was offered by a political candidate using the issue as a political ploy or as an aside that would generate discussion and hopefully, to generate attention and more votes. This is a fact.


Second, Revere has honored its veterans and those serving with countless ceremonies, granite stones, small memorial parks and with bronze plaques and street signs. Our veterans are not overlooked in this city – not at all.

Third, like the flag salute or the singing of the Star Spangled Banner, that which was meant as an honor tends to become a perfunctory action – that which is done without thinking and that would be wrong.

Revere’s veterans are honored by this city all the time throughout the year over the decades and for almost 100 years. There is no lack of sincerity in the honors offered before.

The council should think carefully about putting into action a measure being used as a political tool.

Our veterans, those who have died and those who are serving now deserve more than that.

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