FBI Investigation

The FBI apparently continues to probe in various places at city hall and throughout the city.
This probe, which began last year, but which has recently intensified with visits to city hall, and with records being taken and scrutinized, is leading, some say, to possible arrests in the not too distant future.
The likeliness of arrests seems distant as there is presently no Federal grand jury questioning individuals about wrongdoing in Revere.
A grand jury isn’t necessary for the FBI to arrest officials here or others doing business with the city, for the city. The FBI can arrest officials based on information given to them by informants or those who have told the FBI of their involvement in wrongdoing.
When an investigation takes this route, the official is arrested and then information gathered against them is presented to a grand jury and on and on and on.
The specter of officials here being arrested and charged is frankly not unbelievable – but would never the less be unbelievable should it come to this.
The FBI has been snooping around and gathering evidence here for almost two years.
Does it come to something or does it just go away as so much wasted time?
Soon enough, we’ll know.

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