Jim Kimmerle – Popular City Councillor will be missed

Jim Kimmerle’s death removes from the local political scene one of those rare people who was without enemies, rancor, ill will or bad feeling for others.

He was softly spoken, humble, and respectful of all.

He was a gentleman through and through who loved Beachmont, where he spent most of his adult life.

His many, many friends have all been deeply saddened by his loss because Jim Kimmerle didn’t want to die. He wanted to be well and to do the job he had been elected to do.

At 56, he should have been facing many more years of family and friends, politics and life in the city he loved.

Instead, he has been taken away far too early.

His death is a real loss for the city as he represented himself so well and because of him, this city was a far better place than it will be without him.

He had great inner strength. The suffering he knew as he came to the end of his life was his own.

He didn’t care to share his bad luck with anyone.

He didn’t want people feeling sorry for him.

We admired Jim Kimmerle when he was alive.

We admire him in death and we will recall his life favorably, always – because he was, in the words of an old friend, a sweet, sweet man.”

Our condolences to his father, his siblings and to his son and daughter.

Your father was a good man.

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