Dr. Ailish Hayes – She left an indelible mark on the city

Many many parents of youngsters growing up in this city and in Winthrop have lost a great friend and doctor with the death of Ailish Hayes.

Dr. Hayes, a beautiful, charming, intelligent woman with a great reputation as a doctor’s doctor, died recently following a battle with cancer.

She was 58.

As the owner and chief practitioner at Revere-Winthrop Pediatrics, she was a local star in the health care world where parents knew they could always rely on her judgment and her professionalism.

Those who knew her well appreciated her passion, her inner strength and her ability to listen.

But most of all, there was a great appreciation for her ability to heal.

She was, above all, a healer – a generous friend to the children and parents of this city and a doctor devoted to the Hippocratic oath in every measure of its wording.

Dr. Hayes was the real thing in every way – and a wonderful woman.

She will be sorely missed.

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