The Next City Clerk – Make the process as transparent as possible

City Council President Dan Rizzo has asked the city council to embark on a public type search for a new city clerk.

With the retirement recently of Revere’s longtime city clerk John Henry, there is the opportunity to fill the post.

Rizzo’s request seeking a selection process in order to pick the best candidate is a novel idea in a city where gathering six votes generally dominates any post that has the purview of the city council.

Rizzo’s request would require the posting of the position, the acceptance of applications and public interviews.

This would all be led, presumably, by Councillor Arthur Guinasso, who is Chairman of Appointments.

Rizzo believes, as we do, that the selection process should be open and above board with councilors allowed to ask questions and to weigh and measure the candidates in order to come up with who exactly will be the most capable and qualified replacement.

Rizzo has thrown the ball into Councillor Guinasso’s court.

We’re sure he’ll do the right thing.

And may the best man or woman hoping to be the next Revere City Clerk win.

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