What to think?

Just in case you are a taxpayer wondering about the waste at the city yard and seeming lack of interest of nearly everyone in elected public office to do anything meaningful about it, try this on.

The city government is unable and unwilling to remake itself. Unlike Chelsea next door, where nearly every aspect of public corruption, waste in government and political pettiness and inertia has been outlawed since the city came out of receivership, Revere remains locked in the past – and business is done here by the city as if it were 40 years ago.

Sooner or later, the political runn ing of the city will be replaced by a more businesslike manner of management.

Presently, Revere is simply too locked up in the past to look meaningfully at the future. And the future right now looks bleak for cities and towns unable to change.

For whatever combination of reasons, Revere does not want to change, is unable to change, and as a result, the taxpayers here are the rec ipients of the consequences.

Everything in this city coming out of city hall should be done on-merit – not because you know someone or a councilor is your friend or because the city can cut you a deal because the city doesn’t care about waste and petty public corruption.

The goings on at the city yard and the city’s unwillingness to deal with it reveals the fatal flaw that will ultimately cause this city to suffer when the day of change finally arrives – and that day, my friends, is coming much sooner than you think.

The John Correggios and George Rotondos of this city are roundly criticized for bringing to public the incompetency and petty fraud going on at the city yard. Their colleagues will likely make every effort to have Correggio and Rotondo look like fools because they dared to speak up about it.

In the end, Revere citizens, taxpayers, common sense types who pay their bills and don’t get any giveaways like free gas for their automobiles from the city yard, will one day rise up and throw out all the Phillistines who refuse to clean up their acts.

Revere is a heading for a showdown with its own conscience – and that moment is nearly here.

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