The Squire Road bill board

You have to watch closely who is for the proposed billboard on Squire Road and who is opposed – and you especially want to watch those who are leaning one way or another, like the ward councilor.

No one is for a billboard. It is a matter for discussion, really, if you are against it.

The Squire Road billboard meeting last week at city hall produced a lot of disappointment for local billboard owners, some local politicians and for backers of those politicians.

It appears as though everyone wanting to have the billboard become a reality didn’t cover all their bases, and the bases they did cover did them no good in the end.

Bottom line, doing business in Revere can be treacherous when the final vote is left in the hands of the city council – not because of all the city council members – but rather, because there are some who are easily swayed to accept the necessity of a billboard, who even speak out in favor of it or who take to task the Journal because we have identified who is behind the effort to have this billboard become a reality.

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