Red Sox Incident

Two RHS seniors didn’t get the taste of hops that they had hoped. Instead, they got a taste of real world consequences when they tried to buy beer at Fenway Park during a school-sponsored trip to the Red Sox game.
Two senior girls were corralled by Fenway security for trying to get men to buy them beer. They were at the recent game as part of the school-sponsored Senior Day activity.
Apparently, they were able to convince a man to buy them beer, but once he gave it to the girls, Fenway security moved in. Security brought the kids to the school chaperones to have them taken out of Fenway, rather than having them arrested.
School officials reported that the two girls are being disciplined as required. They will have social probation, meaning they will not be allowed to attend Friday’s prom or any other senior activities. They will be allowed to cross the stage to get their diploma at graduation.

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