Students caught with knife at Susan B. MS

One seventh-grader is facing charges for bringing a knife to school and making threats.
Officers charged the 13-year-old Susan B. Anthony (SBA) Middle School student with violating the city knife ordinance and school officials are considering expelling the student and disciplining three accomplices.
Students began talking at the SBA last Tuesday, May 1, about a male student who was making threats to use the knife – a large Swiss Army Knife – at an event outside of school.
“He made threats to use it – to do something to somebody at a Little League tryout,” said Superintendent Paul Dakin. “A lot of school officials don’t go after these things because the threat is outside of school. I can’t see us not sticking our noses in it.”
Apparently, the young man had brought the knife to school and was having three other students “hold” it for him in case police or school officials searched him. Officers found the knife on another student, but after some questioning of all four students involved, the plot unraveled.
School officials are seeking a legal opinion about potential expulsion of the student and the other three accomplices are facing long-term suspensions.

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