Heads or Tails

The Purchasing Department reported on Friday that they would conduct a coin toss on Monday to see which landscaping company gets the contract to maintain Leach Park at the Beachmont School.
Apparently, GTA Landscaping of Everett and Green Acres Landscaping of Revere submitted bids for landscaping the park, and their bids were identical at $5,000. Because it is such a low amount, the only way to decide the matter is by a toss of the coin.
Purchasing Agent Marie Zelandi has apparently only had to do a coin toss once before in her career.
The Leach Park contract was part of a very large bid put out for landscaping the RHS baseball field, Harry Della Russo Stadium, Leach Park, Sonny Myers Park, Revere City Hall and the West Revere School Complex grounds.
Three companies put in bids for the contracts, including GTA, Green Acres and Martorelli Landscaping of Revere. The low bidders were as follows:
West Revere Complex – Green Acres
Sonny Myers Park – Green Acres
Revere City Hall – Martorelli
RHS baseball field – GTA
Harry Della Russo – Either GTA or Martorelli

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