Contractor fined

A subcontractor working on the new police station was fined $6,000 by the Revere Resident Employment Monitoring Committee this week.
Ajax Construction was found to have worked 10 days on the project without having the minimum number of Revere residents on the job (as outlined in the city ordinance) and not having an approved apprentice-training program.
Ajax was fined $300 per day per violation, making a daily total of $600 per day. Since they were there 10 days, they were levied a $6,000 fine. The fine was subtracted from the February payment due to the general contractor, CTA Construction.
Under the city ordinance, any contractor working on a public project such as the Public Safety Facility or the new schools must maintain a certain number of Revere residents on their payroll – or be able to prove they couldn’t find enough Revere residents. They also must have an approved apprentice or training program in place – per union guidelines.

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