Don’t panic, water’s okay

A panic has seemed to grip a good many people this afternoon about a problem with the drinking water.
The Journal offices were flooded with calls and there were stories that ranged from mundane complaints to all-out conspiracy theories.
According to Robert Mahoney at the DPW, the panic is somewhat unfounded.
He said that crews connected a large water main in the Revere Street area today, so many people on that side of the city are experiencing rusty or cloudy water. He said if you are experiencing this, don’t drink the water. However, he said that it is advised to run the water until it clears up, then shut it off. If it’s clear when the faucet is turned back on, then it’s okay. If not, continue to run the water and wait.
If you’re water is clear and not rusty and hasn’t been all day, then just relax and have a cold drink of water.

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