New rules on Yard Sales

The Health Department is gearing up to enforce the new Yard Sale ordinance that was passed last summer and went into effect in January.
Residents are allowed three yard sales per year for three day apiece. Also, residents have to get a permit – which is free – from the city in order to have a yard sale. Also, city inspectors will be culling the neighborhoods to make sure that no one puts up Yard Sale signs on poles. Doing so will result in a $100 fine and a shut down of the sale. The same penalty applies to those who have a sale without a permit.
“A lot of people were doing merchandising in their yards like it was a flea market,” said Health Agent Nick Catinazzo. “A yard sale is supposed to be selling old stuff or things from the cellar. People are setting up businesses on their front lawn.”
There is also a push to rid the city of unsightly Yard Sale posters that seem to crop up on every telephone pole and street light in the city during the warmer months.
To get a permit, one must go to the Health Department and present proof of residency. Also, if renting, one must have a letter from the owner of the property.

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