Behind bars

It would be nice if he were put away for decades, but – even so – the man responsible for purse snatching old ladies in the Broadway area in 2005 was sentenced to at least two years in prison on Wednesday.
Mohamed Bensaleh, of Revere, received a two-year sentence for committing the crime of larceny from a person over 65. He will serve three years probation after his release and was ordered to pay his victims a combined total of around $2,000. From October to December 2005, Bensaleh engaged in pushing down several elderly women in the Broadway area and taking their purses. It outraged many and was very scary for a number of elderly residents around town.
One woman using a walker was pushed to the ground in the parking lot outside Citizens Bank and robbed of her montly rent money. She was so scared she shook visibly for 15 minutes after the robbery.
Capt. Dennis Collyer of the Revere Police said it was a good grab for the police and the justice system.
“That was a very disconcerting time for a lot of people and especially because he was targeting the elderly,” said Collyer.

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