Silvestri is an Advocate for Our War Veterans

We remember Marc Silvestri well for his outstanding performances for the Revere High football team at the “old” Harry Della Russo Stadium.

Marc was a tough, hard-nosed running back who worked hard on every play, often picking up extra yardage because of his second effort. He is certainly one of the finest football players in RHS history.

Today Marc Silvestri, a recipient of the United States Army Bronze Star of Valor, is serving this city proudly as its director of the Department of Veterans Services. Together with the strong support of Mayor Brian Arrigo and veterans’ aide Donna Dreezen, Marc is assisting war veterans daily with the many services that his office provides.

The type of war in which our military serve today is different from the conflicts of the past. Our servicemen and servicewomen confront dangerous situations around the world, sometimes against an unknown enemy that strikes hard and without warning. As Marc said in a story in this week’s Journal, while our veterans often return home with lingering, physical injuries, there are the invisible wounds of war as well.

President Donald Trump has made it a priority to treat all of our veterans with the dignity they so deserve. He is seeking to make the entire system more efficient for veterans to receive promptly the important care they need at our veterans’ hospitals.

In Revere, Mar Silvestri is answering the call of our veterans in a highly visible and personal way. We see his presence at so many local events, reaching out to fellow veterans to make sure they are acknowledged for their service to our country.

Marc hosts monthly coffee hours (there is one this Friday at 9:30 a.m. at the American Legion Building) for veterans and local residents. We encourage people to attend the coffee hours and get to know Marc, who is a true advocate for veterans in Revere.

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