Revere Chamber of Commerce Holds Second Annual Awards and Dinner Gala

The Revere Chamber of Commerce held its Second Annual Awards and Dinner Gala, “A Night Around The City,” on Saturday, Nov. 4 at SpringHill Suites by Marriott.

Paul Teixeira, husband of RCC Second Vice President Jessica Teixeira, did an excellent job serving as master of ceremonies for the speaking program.

Five local businesses and organizations received the Chamber’s prestigious awards.

Gregory Murray accepted the Business of the Year Award on behalf of Murray’s Tavern, which he co-owns with his brother, John Murray.

Dandee Donuts General Manager Dave Ferrara accepted the Rookie Business of the Year Award.

Revere TV Director of Media at Revere YV Andrew Love accepted the Non-Profit of the Year Award, on behalf of the outstanding local television station that is under the leadership of Executive Director Bob Dunbar.

Karate international champions Doreen DiRienzo and Anthony Cogliandro received the Legacy Award in recognition of Revere Karate Academy’s 44 years of outstanding instruction in the sport to residents in Revere and other communities, building a record of sustained excellence in their craft.

“I’m beyond honored and blessed with this award,” said DiRienzo, who celebrated her 50th year in martial arts this year.

Revere Police Officer Joseph Singer received the Community Impact Award for the Revere Boxing Outreach Program.

Cogliandro, the Ward 3 councillor, spoke of the immense significance of all the awards while crediting the Chamber’s leadership for its resurgence and the positive impact it is making in the entire community.

“Being a business owner and being involved in the Chamber, I’ve never seen the Chamber of Commerce so vibrant, this is so amazing,” said Cogliandro. “Thank you so much.”

The following is the text of Executive Director Erica Porzio’s speech at the Revere Chamber of Commerce second annual awards gala:

“Good Evening Everyone, First I would like Thank you all for being here tonight. It is very much an honor for me to stand here this evening standing before a room full of so many hardworking, dedicated professionals that have collectively, in each of their own ways, skills and expertise – enriched, cultivated and developed this beautifully diverse community we share together.

Tonight we come together to recognize and celebrate those businesses and professionals that have not only contributed to the development and strengthening of our local economy, but also recognizing the strides these professionals and business owners have made in shaping the culture of our community.

Each and everyone of you here tonight in some shape or form has contributed to the success of this community and for that we are thankful for you. For that and for all that you do, we applaud you and recognize your hard work and triumph. Small businesses are the very heart and nuclei of local economy.

We depend on our small businesses and professionals to circulate and stimulate the very community we share. Therefore I believe its fair to say that we share A LOT. As professionals, business owners and members of this community, We share the common goal to further the success and integrity of our community. But what’s more we also share the commonality of being Human. And as humans we share the innate need to belong and be a part of something bigger. And that’s exactly why we are all here tonight, because Everyone here tonight holds a unique piece of that big picture, and without you the picture is not complete.

What I have realized so far in my position as Executive Director is that creating a dynamic of collaborative values is what truly drives success. I have understood that in order to meet the needs of an diverse community like ours, we must look to our teammates to collectively cultivate a strong dynamic by honing in on each of our individuals skills in order to better serve our community and businesses.

Without further ado, I’d like to conclude by thanking my teammates, the Revere Chamber of Commerce Boatd of Director’s for the gift of teamwork, camaraderie and Family.

Thank you.”

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