Osterman To Run for Ward 2 City Council Seat

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Danielle Osterman, community leader and elected Democratic City Committee member, announces candidacy for Ward 2 city councilor. The seat is currently held by Councilor Ira Novoselsky who has represented this ward which includes Revere’s iconic Shirley Ave neighborhood for decades. Danielle is a social worker with years of experience working with Revere’s residents providing free tax clinics, running workforce development initiatives, and expanding access to childcare.

Danielle Osterman

“I am running to be the next councilor of Ward 2 because I believe that its residents deserve affordable housing, good paying union jobs, and reliable means of transportation. These are the building blocks of a thriving community and I am committed to making them a reality,” said Osterman.

Osterman is deeply tied to Revere where she administers grants to support small businesses, non-profits, park and infrastructure investments, adding that “I have the experience that Ward 2 needs because I am the person that helps execute grants to make sure that our small businesses have access to additional capital and that streets and sidewalks are safe and reliable for the people here and the city as a whole.”

“Ward 2 is the most vibrant and fastest growing part of our city right now. We need leaders like Danielle with the experience to get things done here and the foresight to invest in the people that call this part of our city our home. I know that as our councilor she will fight to make our quality of life better because she already does that in her day-to-day” said Manuel Carrero, former candidate for Ward 2.

In closing Osterman said, “our neighborhood is facing a great deal of challenges that merit fresh ideas. As someone who has already delivered for our neighborhood and the city with innovative initiatives I believe that I can best represent the interests of Ward 2.”

Assuming Councilor Novoselsky is running for another term and if a third candidate enters the race, Danielle will appear on the ballot on September 19th. Otherwise she will face off with the incumbent on the November ballot.

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