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Defund Frankenstein Research

Dear Editor,

There are many ugly sides to Abortion Practices in this country. This atrocity continues because it generates a lucrative money making business.  So who cares if innocent babies are tortured and killed in the process!  Recently, congress debated the “Born Alive Bill” that states that an aborted baby born alive should be given medical care.  It passed by a slim margin but what is appauling is that so many of our representatives thought this bill should not pass!  Imagine, they refused to give a living baby medical care after a botched up abortion? Have we sunk so low in our moral judgement?

Consider our National Institute of Health (NIH). Using our tax dollars, the NIH is funding research to grow baby’s hair on the back of rodents! To what purpose? NIH  has also funded scientists who have developed protocols for harvesting the freshest, most pristine livers from 5-month aborted live babies to extract stem cells for adult experimentation, and sponsored a “distribution hub” for fetal kidneys to be cut out of 5-6-month old babies with beating hearts! These babies are alive and feel pain during this process of harvesting their organs! Can research be more cruel? The NIH has funded other disturbing research using aborted baby organs from Planned Parenthood Clinics making abortion their primary function.

Congress must act to stop this evil Frankenstein research. I do not want my tax dollars to be used for such evil! Do you?

Lucia Hunter

25th Annual Revere Police Toy Drive  

Dear Editor,

On behalf of the Revere Police Department, I am proud to announce that the Revere Police Department’s 25th Annual Toy Drive was a great success. With the support of our generous donors, the Police Department was able to assist over 30 Revere families, in addition to other Toy Drives in need of unexpected assistance during the 2022 Holiday Season.

Special Thanks to:

Erica from Dance Revolution

Jessica Teixeira-Imagination Station Early Development

Annessa Schena and the Revere Lodge of Elks

Jessica Feroli and Suffolk Downs

Roxanne and The Jack Satter House

Catina & Donny Jaynes

Sandra Mederios

Joe Chiarmonte

Kathy Reinstein

State Representative Jessica Giannino

Patricia Felt

Nadia Desimone

Anthony Chesna with the North Shore Vipers Hockey Team                                                                   

Mass Badge

And the MNRECC.

I would also like to give a special thank you to our Toy Drive Coordinator, Patricia “Tish” Ciulla, who worked tirelessly and always goes above and beyond to ensure Revere families in need have a wonderful holiday.

Lastly, I would like to thank the officers and civilian staff, who donated their time as well as toys to this drive and to the Uniformed Patrol Division, who helped deliver toys when called upon.

The success of our Toy Drive would not have been possible without your kindness, generosity and understanding.


Chief Callahan

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