Extend Your Dry January Into February

Over the past few years, Dry January has become more and more popular. It is estimated that 15% of regular drinkers choose not to drink during the month as a means of detoxing their minds and bodies from the pernicious effects of alcohol.

Those who are nearing completion of their Dry January may want to consider a recent report from the Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction which stated:

“Research shows that no amount or kind of alcohol is good for your health. It doesn’t matter what kind of alcohol it is — wine, beer, cider or spirits. Drinking alcohol, even a small amount, is damaging to everyone, regardless of age, sex, gender, ethnicity, tolerance for alcohol or lifestyle.”

The Canadian report confirms what scientific studies have been reporting for the past few years. The World Health Organization has labeled a Class 1 carcinogen, with even small amounts of alcohol linked to many cancers, particularly breast cancer in women.

Alcohol presently outranks drug abuse as a leading cause of death in our country, behind only heart disease and cancer. In addition, the direct cost to our health care system and the hidden toll on families and individuals from alcohol abuse far outweighs the damage to society caused by legal and illegal drugs.

If you’ve been able to complete a Dry January, then try to extend it for another month into a Dry February. Your mind and body will appreciate it.

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