Arrigo Proposes MassDOT Route 1A Corridor Resolution

Special to the Journal

At the Revere City Council meeting on October 24th, Mayor Arrigo introduced a resolution to repurpose surplus Commonwealth property that runs parallel to Route 1A. The Commonwealth, through its Department of Transportation owns vacant property located along 1A that could be used to reduce pollution and traffic, improve public safety, and mitigate community impacts given the City’s proximity to Logan International Airport.

The resolution calls on the Governor and the Secretary of Transportation of the Commonwealth to request: that the vacant land be repurposed, a haul road extension from the current end of the Coughlin Bypass be constructed eventually to the vicinity of Bell Circle, a pedestrian walkway and bike path along the waterfront to be created to allow the public to have increased access to the Chelsea Creek waterfront, and that barriers and sea walls be constructed to protect the City of Revere against rising sea levels.

“I aam confident that this project will improve the quality of life for the residents of Revere and for those passing through,” said Mayor Arrigo. “The airport being so close to Revere means that our residents are disproportionately impacted by traffic, noise, and congestion. Having a haul road will reduce the volume of commercial vehicles on our local roadways. This project will also give our residents even more options to get outside and enjoy our nearby natural resources.”

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