Powers Applauds Beautification Efforts at Wonderland Circle

John Powers travels through Wonderland Circle at least twice a day. The Ward 5 city councillor says, “The Circle has never looked so beautiful.”

Noting that the circle is named in memory of World War I United States Navy veteran William J. Butler, Powers takes personal pride in the new and enhanced appearance of the site located across from the former Wonderland Park parking lot. It was he who began working on improving the Circle’s look several years ago.

“When I first got elected, that traffic circle was a mess,” recalled Powers. “There were shrubs and overgrown weeds on the circle. It was difficult navigating the circle and seeing vehicles on the other side.”

Powers said the sprucing-up process began a few years ago, “and every year it looks more beautiful.”

He isn’t done yet. Powers said water accumulates on the edge of the circle, “and I’m going to straighten that out also.”

“You won’t find a nicer traffic circle anywhere,” said Powers. “The landscaper and the workers do a great job maintaining it. I love that circle.”

The new Revere High School will be built near the circle on the former site of Wonderland Park which is off North Shore Road leading onto V.F.W. Parkway.

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