Letter to the Editor

In Opposition to Zoned Biolab

Dear Editor,

A vast majority of the residents of Revere are astonished and outraged that a possible  level  2 or 3 Biolab is about to be built in our city at the site of the previous Suffolk Downs racetrack.  A Biolab that is two streets wide and five stories high, consisting of more than 500,000 square feet. Residents were never given a chance to express opposition to it.

The citizens of Revere would like to know why a  lab needs to be in Revere. We did not sign up for this!  It is undeniable that the residents of Revere would have been better served by a number of different facilities at this site, including, for instance, a much needed medical facility.  

We should all be reminded that there was a ballot question with regard to the casino proposal at the same location, a few years ago.  The residents of Revere were denied an opportunity to vote or voice their opposition.

If this BioLab is unable to be stopped, then we are respectfully requesting, at the very least, that our elected officials create an ordinance which would strictly prohibit any and all animal experimentation and testing from taking place in our City. 

It is with great sadness that the Biolab was proposed in such a seemingly covert manner.   Remember, our democracy dies in the dark.

To voice  your opposition to the Biolab, dangerous pathogens and animal testing and to voice your support to the prohibition of any and all animal testing in our city,  please attend the June 27 City Council Meeting taking place at City Hall Chambers.

Wayne Rose

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