Morabito Wants More Light on Broadway

Councillor-at-Large Steven Morabito says it’s too dark at both ends of Broadway and he wants new decorative lamps installed on the entire length of the city’s main street.

“I submitted this motion because many residents expressed their concerns about the lack of lighting at the beginning of Broadway, and at the end,” Morabito said at Monday’s Council meeting.

Morabito told his colleagues there are currently streetlamps on Broadway that are in operation from Fenno Street north to Rossetti Street.

“So that leaves no streetlamps going southbound from Fenno to Revere Beach Parkway and northbound from Rossetti Street to Beach Road,” explained Morabito.

The councillor said he spoke with the Community Development program manager “and she informed me that their department had submitted an application in their annual action plan for the Community Development Block Grant.”

According to Morabito, if the Block Grant application is approved, the City would be able to install six to eight street lamps.

“That won’t even cover a portion of either end [of Broadway),” said Morabito. “It will cover a small fraction of what we need to. So, when the time comes, they’re going to need our help on the City Council to extend the lighting. And I hope when that time comes, that we’re all on board to increase the lighting, especially with all the new businesses on Broadway.”

The Council unanimously supported Morabito’s motion for installing more streetlamps on Broadway.

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