Letter to the Editor

Broken & Humble

Dear Editor,

In reading a devotional “Our Daily Bread”, a question was raised: “What does it mean to be broken?” It was defined as: “A growing awareness that no matter how hard we try, our ability to make life work gets worse instead of better. It’s a recognition of our need for God’s intervention in our lives.”

We have strayed from God.  Our church-based schools once taught the Bible to develop character and integrity but as schools became secularized, the Bible was discarded, replaced with the three R’s.  Later, prayer was removed. Now students are taught to judge others by skin color rather than character and integrity.  “Equal opportunity” has changed to “Equity” where standards are adjusted so that “everyone wins”!  Real life demands the best obtains the prize.  Not everyone can be an Astronaut or a Neurosurgeon. Not everyone has the same skill. 

However, we are all equal in value to God, and He can help us be the “best self, kinder, compassionate and caring. These character traits do not develop in a vacuum. We need His wisdom. To do justly, to show mercy and to walk humbly are God’s requirements of mankind.  If we did so, what a better world we would have!

This Thanksgiving, I urge all of us to take time to acknowledge God because every breath we take comes through His infinite goodness and grace.  He has shown great mercy towards us and our Nation. All are broken and need His intervention.

Lucia Hunter

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