Guest Op-Ed: Only Representative from Revere to Democratic State Committee Endorses Edwards

By Juan Pablo Jaramillo

I am  supporting Lydia Edwards to fill former boss’, Joe Boncore, vacancy on state senate

Senator Joe Boncore is my former boss, my mentor, and my friend. He always had my back–and Revere’s. So when I say that our next state senator has big shoes to fill, you can be confident that I mean it. Delivering for our communities is about showing up when it matters not just when it is convenient, it takes tireless, proven leadership. Day in and day out.

It might be a hard job, but it’s an easy choice: on December 14th, I’m casting my ballot for Lydia Edwards.

And when I cast that ballot, I won’t just be thinking of Lydia or of Joe, but of three generations of my family.

I will think of my parents, who fled violence in Colombia to find a welcoming community here in Revere and jobs as janitors. But workers like my parents are too often taken advantage of, denied access to benefits, and subject to wage theft. As a public interest attorney with Greater Boston Legal Services, Lydia fought for immigrant workers and against exploitative workplace practices. And when protests in my parents’ home country erupted this summer, Lydia took to the floor of the Boston City Council to stand in solidarity with the Colombian people. It’s the sacrifice of fierce advocates like Lydia who have helped make this state a safe place for the new beginning my parents needed.

I will think of my own life, Revere, a proud product of Revere Public Schools and the community we’ve built for young people here. As Legislative Director for Senator Boncore, I helped him secure millions of dollars for Revere and Winthrop. It wasn’t easy, and our next Senator needs to be ready to fight. But just look at Lydia’s record and you’ll see that she has the accomplishments that prove she’ll deliver for us too.

Finally, now that my wife and I are expecting our first child, which we plan on raising in Revere, I will think of the next generation as well. Our investments now need to pay dividends not just to today’s citizens, but also build a better future for tomorrow’s. Lydia has already made huge contributions to ensure that the future is bright by spearheading a major shift away from fossil fuels which pollute our air and drinking water. We need leadership who knows how to deliver, and I want my children to grow up in the Revere that Lydia will help build.

Election Day is Tuesday, December 14th. I hope you’ll join me in voting for Lydia Edwards.

Juan Jaramillo is the representative to the Democratic State Committee from Revere.

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