Councillor Guinasso Endorses Terminiello in Ward 3 Election

During an unprecedented press conference Monday held in front of his home, Ward 3 Councillor Arthur Guinasso endorsed Al Terminiello in the race for the Ward 3 seat in the Nov. 2 election.

Longtime political observers couldn’t recall an endorsement press conference ever held during election season on the front steps of the reigning seatholder.

But the setting wasn’t as paramount as the strong endorsement that Al Terminiello Jr. received from Guinasso, the distinguished dean of Revere government who has held the Ward 3 seat for more than three decades.

“After reviewing the candidates, it’s very clear to me that there’s one candidate who’s shown in the past a tremendous interest in serving our community and serving it well,” said Guinasso. “He’s been serving the veterans, tirelessly, and this wasn’t election year that this candidate does this, he does it every year. He’s been doing it for the past 15-20 years. He did it because of his dedication to the veterans, but more importantly to his community.”

Guinasso highlighted Terminiello’s other civic-minded endeavors before making his support official by stating, “It would be my pleasure and honor and my privilege to endorse Al Terminello for Ward 3 City Councillor.”

“I want to thank Councillor Arthur Guinasso,” said Terminiello. “Arthur served this community for 34 years in Ward 3, and it was a record that’s unsurpassed. I respect him as my friend, — as a city councillor, I can’t ask to represent anybody better than him and to follow in his footsteps.”

Terminiello then wished Guinasso and his wife, Linda Guinasso, “all the best with your retirement.”

 Terminiello said he would treat his constituents “with the utmost respect and dignity – that’s all I can promise.”

He continued, “I will get things done for the City of the Revere and the residents of Ward 3 who I hope to represent, who will have nothing but good things to say and be proud of the things that I do to make Revere a great place for us all.”

In closing, Terminiello reiterated his gratitude to Guinasso for the endorsement of his candidacy. “I want to thank Councillor Arthur Guinasso for his kind remarks about me, and now we’ll get back to our campaign and hopefully we’ll have a victory on Nov. 2, and I will be your representative of Ward 3 on the Revere City Council.”

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