Cogliandro and Fiore Top the Ticket in Ward 3 and Ward 5: Four Candidates Advance to Final Election

Ward 3 City Councillor candidates Anthony Cogliandro and Al Terminiello Jr. advanced to the Nov. 2 final election, while Al Fiore and John Powers advanced in Ward 5 following Tuesday’s preliminary election.

Cogliandro finished in first place in the field of four candidates with 246 votes. Terminiello took second place with 105 votes. Wayne Rose was third with 49 votes, while Michael Roncevich was fourth with 23 votes.

In the Ward 5 contest, Fiore, a popular, former councillor-at-large, finished with 597 votes to lead the field of four candidates. Current Ward 5 Councillor John Powers was second with 376 votes. Ronald Clark was third with 121 votes while Christian Majano Ortez was fourth with 51 votes.

Anthony Cogliandro.
Al Fiore.

The turnout was lower than expected in Ward 3, while the voters in Ward 5 turned out in larger-than-anticipated numbers for a preliminary election. With the councillor-at-large and school committee races joining the ward races on the ballot in November, observers are predicting a much larger turnout at the polls.

 Mayor Brian Arrigo and Ward 3 Councillor Arthur Guinasso appeared on the Revere TV/Revere Journal primary night show hosted by Revere Journal President Stephen Quigley.

Arrigo said he was somewhat disappointed by low turnout, but was pleased by the number of candidates who are seeking election in city government.

“As the leader of this dynamic, growing community, I’m just excited about the fact that we have such a diverse group of people who are interested in public service,” said Arrigo.

Guinasso said it was a different feeling for him to view the Ward 3 ballot and not see his name on the ballot for the first time in 34 years. The esteemed dean of city government chose not to seek re-election.

“I am recognizing the fact very clearly today that there are other candidates running for the position that I held for 34 years and I have mixed feelings about that,” said Guinasso. “But all good things come to a close, and this is perfect timing for me and my family to enjoy the remainder of my lifetime, and to have as much fun  as I can with my family and with my friends, and to go and enjoy the many things I like to do throughout the year.”

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